Since I can remember, I've been passionate about social justice. 

It focused my college and graduate education on Journalism. It fueled my freelance reporting career and brought me to Milwaukee to work for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

However, something was always missing. I wanted to do something about the inconsistencies I was seeing in civic fabrics in Wisconsin and Illinois. 

For our UX research project at DESIGNATION, myself and three colleagues took on the Milwaukee Country Transit System. We started with our assumptions, wondered what we could learn, conducted interviews with users and stakeholders, took a road trip to Milwaukee and distilled all of this data into insights. 

We turned those insights into action items and framed them within the greater problem -- How do we attract and keep young professionals in the city of Milwaukee?

Currently, we're chipping away at redesigned information structure, neighborhood presence, signage, web and mobile solutions. I can't wait to see the finished product when it's done. Finally, I've been able to use my powers for the greater good.